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Year 11 Humanutopia Day

Humanutopia create and run inspirational, life-changing courses for young people and adults in schools and their wider communities.  Our year 11 students spent the day in a series of talks and workshops learning to understand how they can bring about positive change in their own life.  The day helped them reflect on some of the major issues and barriers that young people face. This period of reflection allowed the students to consider how their past actions have led them to be the person they are today.  The process challenged each young person to identify what changes they need and want to make and threw down the gauntlet to act differently.  Miss Kewley who organised the day said, "Many Year 11 students when the finish line is in sight, just need a new, fresh impetus of encouragement. The day was a great success and has really motivated the pupils to want to do better with their exams."  Some of the words from students that were used to describe the day were:

“Emotional and sad”



“Eye opening”






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