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Year 11 Working With the Organisation Humanutopia

The organisation “Humanutopia” visited school to work with our Year 11 students today and help them to look at the question of “Who am I?”

Since 2004 Humanutopia have been developing their school workshops to provide world class courses to students and teachers internationally. They challenged students to open up and be honest with both the team and themselves. In one inspiring day, they worked with Year 11 to target hope, confidence, happiness, relationships and employability, addressing many personal and social barriers to learning and in doing so helping to raise aspirations.

Students reacted positively to the experience, sharing quite personal experiences from their own lives and recognising the importance of the challenges being presented before them.  Through discussion, activities, video clips, music and demonstrations they were able to explore these topics of hope, confidence, happiness, relationships and employability and what these mean to them.

The day is not meant to be a stand alone event, but an experience that can now continue to be built upon by students and staff for a positive future for all.

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Cardinal Heenan