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Future Focus Week

The purpose of our Future Focus Week is to encourage Y12 students to think about the future pathways they may take once they leave Cardinal Heenan Sixth Form.

The week focuses on four broad themes, these being University, Apprenticeships, Enrichment and Personal Statements, and culminating in a formal interview at the end of the week.

Every year we work with outside providers to put on interactive workshops and talks to engage the students in thinking about their own futures. This year we worked with and delivered sessions on:

  • The National Citizenship Service (Summer projects and residentials)
  • Camp Leaders (Summer 2016 opportunities)
  • Ex-Pupils currently at university (Studying in Liverpool vs Studying away from home)
  • Current Y13 students progressing onto Advance Apprenticeships (Lloyds TSB and Audi)
  • University of Chester (Student finance / University life / Getting the most out of HE Conference)
  • Higher Education Conference at Liverpool University
  • Personal Statement workshop (Delivered by UCAS trained member of staff)
  • P.R. and basic First Aid training
  • Barclays Life Skills workshop (motivation speaker / personal finance / life skills)
  • Formal interviews

Future Focus Week, which this year ran from the 8th to 12th June 2017, was highly successful with all students in Y12 engaged with the activities.

Student feedback:

"I found that the summer leaders' presentation was very intriguing and I would love to take part in it next summer."

"The guest speakers did a fantastic job and the HE conference was very beneficial."

"The trip to the university was good as we were allowed to choose things to do that relate to ourselves as individuals as opposed to the whole group of pupils."

"The Barclays Life Skills were the most beneficial during the week. This session allowed me to open up more and I was also able to learn some very valuable life skills such as money management."

"I believe that the Barclays people coming in was most beneficial because it was realistic and gave us an idea of what the expense of things are."

"The mock interview was the most useful to me as it will help in my future as interviews are a key part of any application process."

"Found out that uni is not for me, reinforced my idea of career I want."