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Ms Karen Smyth
Deputy Headteachers
Ms Jo Leech Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral)
Mr Andrew Edwards Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum)
Ms Catherine McCormack Deputy Headteacher (Teaching and Learning)
Assistant Headteachers
Ms Emma Holley Assistant Headteacher (Key Stage 2 and 3)
Mr James Sanderson Assistant Headteacher (Key Stage 4)
Mr Nick Kimberley Assistant Headteacher (Key Stage 5)
Mrs Colette Roche Assistant Headteacher (Maths)
Mr Lee Fabia Assistant Headteacher (English)
Miss Caroline Kewley Assistant Headteacher (Teaching and Learning)
Other Key Staff
Ms Anna Dunne School Chaplain
Ms Laura Murray SEN
Ms Christine Kirkham Inclusion Officer
Ms Sandra Fleming Business Manager
Ms Jason Asquith Premises Manager
Ms Jo Leech Deputy Headteacher / Child Protection Coordinator
Mrs Lesley Quirk Head of Year 7 / Deputy CPC
Mrs Carolyn Gillmore Head of Year 7 / Deputy CPC
Mr Paul Pomford Head of Year 8 (non-teaching)
Mr Ian Forgie Head of Year 9
Mr Dean Hanwell Head of Year 10 / Deputy CPC
Miss Lindsay Johnson Head of Year 1
Miss Laura Murray SEN
Mr Andrew Owens Nurture Centre Manager
Mr Tom Phipps Head of Sixth Form
Mr Gary Aster Sixth Form Study Centre Manager
Mrs Christine Kirkham Inclusion Officer (attendance)
PC Phil McKeown Safer School Police Officer
Mrs Shirley Booth Progress Leader - Year 7
Mr Tony Jones Progress Leader - Year 8
Mrs Ann-Maria Ventre Progress Leader – Year 9 / Educational Trips / Visits Coordinator
Mrs Nicky Jackson Progress Leader Year 10
Mrs Leanne Dowler Progress Leader - Year 11
List of Teaching Staff 2017/18
Mr Nick Ashton Teacher of Science
Mr Phil Aspinall Teacher of PE
Mr Anthony Bower Subject Leader - MFL
Mr Daniel Boyle Teacher of Science
Miss Jessica Bradbury Teacher of RE
Mr Paul Capstick School Support (Part-Time)
Miss Emma Charlton Teacher of Drama
Ms Helen Craig Teacher of Science
Mr Martin Craig Teacher of Maths
Mr Matthew Crawford Teacher of Science
Mr Luke Crockett Teacher of Food Technology
Miss Andrea Croskerry Teacher of Maths
Mrs Liz Davies Teacher of Economics
Miss Nicola Davies Teacher of History
Mrs Shelley Dixon Cover Supervisor
Mrs Juliette Donegan Teacher of Food Technology
Mr Phillip Dougan Subject Leader - Art
Mr Conor Duffy Subject Leader - History
Mr Andrew Edwards Deputy Headteacher
Ms Christie Edwards Subject Leader - Psychology
Mr Lee Fabia Teacher of English / Assistant Headteacher
Mr John Fenton Teacher of English
Miss Jennifer Fodey Teacher of English
Mr Ian Forgie Teacher of PE/HOY 9 
Mrs Rose Forshaw School Support (Part-Time)
Ms Louise Fox-Ford Subject Leader – Business
Mrs Carolyn Gillmore Teacher of Art / Head of Year 7
Mrs Laura Goodridge Teacher of MFL
Miss Amanda Gould Teacher of English
Mr Tom Granby Teacher of Science
Miss Sarah Griffiths Teacher of English
Mr Dean Hanwell Teacher of PE / Head of Year 10
Ms Theresa Harrison  Teacher of RE
Ms Emma Holley Teacher of Geography
Miss Catherine Housbey Teacher of English
Mr Anthony Hughes Teacher of Science
Mr Lewis Hughes Teacher of Maths
Ms Barbara Jackson Teaching assistant of MFL
Miss Lindsay Johnson Teacher of PE / Head of Year 11
Miss Donna Jones Subject Leader - Drama
Mr Brendan Kelly-Ince Teacher of RE / Careers
Mr Andrew Kennedy Teacher of RE
Miss Caroline Kewley Teacher of Computer Science / Assistant Headteacher
Mr Nick Kimberley Teacher of Computer Science / Assistant Headteacher
Ms Joanna Leech Teacher of History / Deputy Headteacher
Mr David Lewis Teacher of Science
Mr Joseph Lyons Teacher of Science
Mr John Magor Teacher of Science
Dr Lisa Marnell Teacher of Maths
Miss Aimee McCabe Teacher of Maths / Numeracy Co-ordinator
Ms Catherine McCormack Teacher of Science / Deputy Headteacher
Miss Holly McCreesh Teacher of Science
Ms Roisin McCrink Teacher of RE
Ms Patricia McDonald-Holmes Teacher of Art (Part-Time)
Dr Karen McGunigle Teacher of Science
Miss Orla McNally Teacher of Maths
Miss Helen McTague Teacher of English
Mr Paul Melanaphy Subject Leader – Geography
Mr Philip Melia Teacher of Design Technology
Mrs Suzanne Miller Subject Leader - RE / PSHE 
Mrs Jacque Mitchard Subject Leader - Computer Science
Mrs Helen Moffat Teacher of English
Miss Jennifer Mortimore Subject Leader - Food Technology
Mrs Candice Mulligan Subject Leader - Music
Mr Andrew Murphy Teacher of Art / Media
Mrs Cheryl Murphy Teacher of MFL
Mrs Laura Murray SEN Co-ordinator
Mrs Victoria O’Farrell Teacher of English (Part-Time)
Mr Nicholas O’Hare Subject Leader – PE
Mr Liam O’Toole Teacher of History
Miss Stacey Palmer Teacher of English
Mr Thomas Phipps Teacher of PE
Mr James Prior Subject Leader - Science
Mrs Lesley Quirk Teacher of Music / Head of Year 7
Ms Colette Roche Teacher of History
Mr Keith Rowan Teacher of Computer Science
Ms Fiona Rushe Teacher of History
Mrs Stella Saleh MFL / Drama
Miss Cora Sanderson Teacher of Maths
Mr James Sanderson Teacher of Music / Assistant Headteacher
Mr Paul Sellwood Teacher of PE
Mrs Ayshea Slaughter Teacher of Geography
Ms Karen Smyth Headteacher
Mrs Julie Stone-Hindle Teacher of English
Mrs Suzanne Strawson Teacher of Computer Science
Miss Lydia Tisdale Teacher of Maths
Mr Wayne Townson Teacher of PE
Mr Matthew Waterhouse Teacher of Maths
Mrs Kirsty Wanless Teacher of Maths
Mr Johnathan Wharmby Teacher of Computer Science
Miss Kelly White Teacher of English
Mrs Sarah Whitehead Teacher of Maths
Mr Scott Williams Teacher of Food Technology / Design Technology
Ms Catherine Woods Teacher of English
Mrs Christina Wright Subject Leader - English