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Pi Day 2019

Pi Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π.

Pi a teacher returned for the second year at Cardinal Heenan, this was in order to raise awareness about “Pi”.

Pi Day is celebrated each year on 14th March (3.14) and the numeracy committee decided that not only could we use the opportunity to continue to make numeracy fun for pupils but also that it was an excellent chance for some fundraising.

Nine maths teachers volunteered to be in the running to get pi’ed all to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Whichever teacher had the most money in their donation box was the lucky (unlucky) person.

Aside from “Pi a teacher”,  years 7 to 10 completed pi starter activities in all lessons that where produced by our numeracy committee. The school managed to raise £114.90 which will be going straight to MacMillan Cancer support in memory of our beloved, one of a kind cleaner Christine.

In the last 6 weeks our boys have managed to raise over £350.00 for two charities. This was led by our numeracy committee. Check out our twitter feed for footage/videos of the event. @cardinalheenan

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