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LFC - Message to Parents

Potential Liverpool Football Club Victory Parades, Monday, 13 May and Sunday, 2 June 2019

Red or Blue, you are no doubt aware that some rather important football matches are coming up! Liverpool City Council are keen to celebrate Liverpool’s performance should Liverpool Football Club win the Premier League and/or the Champions League. If successful, Liverpool City Council will formally invite the club to hold a victory parade in the city which will be held the day after the last match of the Premier League on Monday, 13 May and on Sunday, 2 June, the day after the Champions League final, both dates requested by the club.

The champions of both competitions will not be known until the day before each planned parade; however, due to the major logistical challenges needed to arrange parades of this scale, the announcement has been made in advance so that we can all be prepared in advance for the potential events. The parades on both dates are planned to start at 4pm and are expected to last for a number of hours as the Liverpool FC team parade the winning trophy/ies on an open-top bus along Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage waterfront. The parade route on both occasions begins at Allerton Maze, on to Queens Drive, Millbank, West Derby Road, Erskine Street, Islington, Hunter Street, Leeds Street, The Strand and ends at the junction of The Strand and Blundell Street. There will be significant crowds, road closures and – inevitably – disruptions.

These are (we hope) great days for Liverpool. As Mayor Joe Anderson has commented: “Anyone who is a football fan can’t help to have been impressed by Liverpool’s performance this season – whatever their allegiance”. The feel-good factor is considerable and the achievements rightly generate huge pride and attracts massive international attention to the city. At the same time, the first of them hugely impacts on us as a school, affecting the ability of our students and staff to get safely home and interrupting the very reason for our existence – which is the education of your son. And this at a particularly important time of year with major exams being held and the preparation for them proceeding apace.

As I am sure you would agree, an extraordinary situation needs to be catered for but the life of the school should and must go on. It is, therefore, my intention that Years 7 -10 will remain in school until 12.15pm, at which point they will be released. Years 11 - 13 will have the normal school day and be released at 2.45pm, still allowing them ample time to see the procession. There is a Computer Science examination in the morning, important Maths and English lessons and a revision session for an external RE exam which we are hoping to bring forward. These cannot be disrupted or postponed.

As for the UEFA Champions League Final on 1 June, there are a significant number of GCSE and A Level exams on 3 June that your son will have spent two years preparing for. There is already talk in the media about the likelihood of significant delays in flights to and from Madrid – not to mention the indecently huge cost of accommodation! Please join us in stressing to your son the importance of getting his priorities right: his education, the future he is working towards. Not to mention the huge sigh of relief from the Bank of Mam and Dad! And the procession will still be there on the Sunday.

Though personally (I blush to confess this) I am a Tottenham supporter, I fully endorse Liverpool City Council’s decision to celebrate the achievements of a remarkable season. But I am also a Headteacher and my absolute priority and that of my whole staff is the education of your son. I am sure that I have your support in this.

Ms K Smyth