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Our school have a pupil lead association programme in a number of industries. These sessions are delivered and planned by our current sixth formers.

Medical Association

The medical association was the first association made in Cardinal Heenan by now Cambridge medical student Jack Devin in 2016. In the medical association, we provide information on the diverse careers available within the medical sector. We have sessions debating topical medical issues such as genetic engineering and organ donation laws as well as information sessions where members can give a presentation on a topic they have researched. Previous sessions like this have been on the Corona Virus and vaccination. We have a history of succession in the medical association being led by 3 different groups of students over the years and promotes leadership qualities to the younger members as they may be the ones to take over as leaders.

Current Lead - Year 13 Antony Ryan

Engineering Association

The engineering association put simply is an opportunity for aspiring engineers or anyone with an interest in engineering, to gain an insight into various engineering careers and explore the various pathways for you to enter that field of work.
During the sessions, you will gain valuable information on how to secure work experience placements with leading global companies in the industry like ARUP, AIRBUS, Jaguar Land Rover to name a few. You will participate in activities that allows you to experience the hands-on aspects of engineering. For example, the association last year completed various activities based around the different sectors in civil engineering- ranging from geotechnics to structural engineering (how to build bridges and buildings).
The association will allow you to discuss and even present your ideas with other like-minded students and will widen your knowledge of engineering. The association is not limited to sessions delivered by sixth form students, some sessions are delivered by industry experts and lecturers giving you a real insight into what the world of engineering is really like. Above all this, it is great for you to add this on your CV and later in your personal statement. Hope this helps and if you need any more information, please do not hesitate to email me.

Current Lead - Year 13 Joshua Lawson

Computer Science Association

In the computer science association we discuss all aspects of technology including the advancements made in the recent years, the history of computer science and the extensive range of software involved in making these advancements possible.

The way our association works is when someone is interested in a topic they come to the leaders of the association and ask about further learning of this topic, we then produce a presentation or we assist in the students own presentation, which they then have the opportunity to present in front of other members of the association.

This is a great opportunity to not only learn about the field of computer science but also develop skills such as communication and presentation skills, but most importantly confidence.

Whichever association you choose, I hope it is the best decision for you. Any further questions, feel free to email.

Current Lead - Year 13 Sam White

Law Association

Newest association to be led by year 12s, set up and structured with our Head Boy Aaron Kenton. Look at main types of law studied at University- Criminal law, property law, EU law, commercial law, family law, Constitutional law, human rights. How Laws are made and enforced. Explore different career paths related to law- solicitor, barrister, and paralegal, detective. Learn how to get to each profession and salary. Learn about different case studies- murders, fraud, international legal controversies (such as Osama Bin Laden assassination 2011). Intend to have guest speaker in- potentially a professional or former student who can give insight to law at university. Develop basic skills- oratory skills, debating skills, persuasion skills and confidence. Being part of this association over the long term would help you stand out from other aspiring law students because you do not find groups such as these in schools elsewhere!

Whichever association you choose, I hope it is the best decision for you. Any further questions, feel free to email.

Current Lead - Year 13 Head Student

Drama Association

The Drama Association is a wonderful opportunity for anyone aspiring to pursue a career in Drama, Performing Arts or Theatre. During the sessions, you will practice and learn both theoretical elements to be a wonderful performer or member of crew, while also putting into practice all of these attributes in a public performance. The association will help broaden understanding and teach you skills like professionalism and courage giving all participants the means and understanding to tackle challenges and overcome obstacles. The association allows you to think in a more logical, structured way enabling you to tackle problems in a more efficient manner. Due to the current pandemic we are reassessing the best way to effectively deliver these sessions to a large scale group so we will contact each applicant via teams once we have a plan. Dream Big!

Current Leads- Year 13 Drama Class


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