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Business Studies & Economics

Aims of Business Studies & Economics

We aim to create the very best Economics and Business students. The aim of the Economics curriculum is to develop students’ understanding of how the local, national and global economy works.

We need to equip students with the appropriate knowledge and skills needed to develop their employability and identify business opportunities. We aim to do this by ensuring teaching and learning comes first, well-planned lessons, consistency of resources across the department, quality of books that tell a story and to be used as revision material. We want students to be able understand theory content, to think analytically and reach logical conclusions.

Business certainly allows for students to develop leadership skills, they study entrepreneurs and what skills it takes to become an entrepreneur. Students are encouraged to assist others in class and become lead learners when needed. We have an entrepreneur of the month for each year group to highlight a specific student who has worked really well within the subject as shows entrepreneurial qualities. Within our enterprise group students develop their leadership skills on their charity projects.

Business allows students to leave school with the skills needed for running a business, such as managing money, advertising and employing staff. Business helps to prepare learners for an enterprising future. Our courses offer an insight into the world of work, and give opportunities to study local, national and international organisations. Personal character and interpersonal skills are developed through, problem-solving planning, organising assignments and through the practical experience of running events all skills needed within the workplace. Technical skills such as business and personal finance market research, promotion, and planning, are developed through a practical and skills based approach to learning and assessment.

KS5 Curriculum

At KS5 we offer multiple pathways including our A-Level routes in Economics and Business. We also offer a Technical route which combines coursework and exam. Both pathways give students a route onto University and the world of work.

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