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Examinations and Assessments

Summer Exams

The main summer examinations are due to start on 3rd May 2024, If you have any queries please contact the exams officer at  

  • The provisional summer examination timetable can be found HERE
  • Regulations for written examinations can be found HERE. All candidates should familiarise themselves with these regulations.

Results Days

  • Results days for 2024 are:
  • GCSE results will be available on Thursday 22nd August
  • A-level results will be available on Thursday 15th August


  • Certificates will be handed out to students on prize night during the autumn term.
  • Certificates not collected at prize night will usually be available for collection from 6th form reception in January. A letter will be sent out before the end of Autumn term with further details.
  • Lost certificates need to be ordered from the exam board directly, we cannot provide replacements.

Exam Equipment

For all examinations candidates should bring the following items in a clear plastic bag or pencil case:

  • Ruler
  • Protractor
  • Compass
  • 3 x HB pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • 3 x black pens (must only be black, no gel pens)
  • Rubber
  • Highlighter pen
  • Coloured pencils (required for certain exams e.g. GCSE Design & Technology
  • An exam board approved calculator (i.e. one which does not have a databank, dictionary, text facility or contain mathematical formulae)

Exam Checklist

For all examinations you should adhere to the following:

  • You are to arrive at school 15 minutes prior to an exam.
  • When taking exams, bags and coats should be left outside the room, containers will be provided and stored at the back of the exam room. Valuables, including mobile phones, smart watches, iPods should not be brought in to school.
  • Electronic devices - Students must not have mobile phones or smart watches in their possession (either on or off). This is very important - if a phone or smart watch is found it could result in your exam disqualification.
  • You must not have notes, MP3 players, iPods etc. in your possession.
  • You must bring a black pen, pencil, rubber and any other stationery which is required for your exam. Only clear pencil cases are allowed on your desk. Do not use gel pens - this is because many of the exam papers are now scanned and sent electronically for marking - gel pens do not scan well.
  • In an exam where you have the use of a calculator, you are not permitted to have the lid with you either on or under your desk and any data stored in the calculator must be deleted prior to entering the exam hall.
  • There is to be no talking or communication between students once you enter the exam hall. If you have any questions, you should raise your hand once seated and an invigilator will come to you.
  • School uniform must be won for all exams.
  • No food is allowed in the exam hall (if you have a special requirement - please see the Exams Officer before the exams).
  • Water bottles are allowed in the exam hall. These should be clear bottles with no label.
  • If you have a problem prior to or during the exam please notify an invigilator.


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