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Government & Politics

Why Study Government and Politics?

The A-Level government and politics specification is designed to encourage students to develop their critical thinking skills and enhance their ability to interpret, evaluate and comment on the nature of politics. Students acquire knowledge of the structures of authority and power within the political system of the United Kingdom and the United States of America and are encouraged to think and debate more widely about how other political systems may differ.

A-Level government and politics is a good choice for students considering a career in the professions such as teaching, researching, journalism and politics. Or it is for those who simply want to understand how the world works. Politics goes well as a subject with A-Levels in economics, history, sociology and English.

What Will I Study and Learn?
Unit 1 - UK Politics

1. Political Participation

Democracy and participation, political parties, electoral systems, voting behaviour and the media.

2. Core Political Ideas

Conservatism, liberalism, socialism.

Unit 2 - UK Government

1. UK Government

The constitution, parliament, Prime Minister and executive, relationships between the branches.

2. Non-core political ideas

One idea from the following: anarchism, ecologism, feminism, multiculturalism, nationalism.

Unit 3 - Comparative Overview (USA)

1. The US Constitution and federalism, US Congress, US presidency, US Supreme Court and civil rights, democracy and participation, comparative theories.

How Will I be Assessed?

Unit 1 - UK Politics (examination)

Unit 2 - UK Government (examination)

Unit 3 - Comparative Overview (USA) (examination)