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RSL Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma for Music Practitioners

During Year 12 you will complete and partially complete units of work. The units are internally assessed coursework units that help develop students’ performance, composition, production and music business skills.

MUSPRA 349 Planning for a Career in Music

The aim of this unit is to familiarise learners with the processes associated with effective career planning and to align/link their career aims with their study for this qualification, defining the ways in which the learner engages with their learning. For any music professional, the ability to manage a career through careful planning, combined with a thorough knowledge of the professional landscape and the opportunities available within it, will substantially increase the potential for the prepared person to have a range of robust career options available to them.

MUSPRA 365 Auditioning for Music

An audition is the accepted means of assessing a musician’s abilities and aptitudes in relation to a specific musical role. Many of the skills needed for attending an audition are very similar to the skills needed for being interviewed and rely heavily on presentation and communication. For a musician, possessing the skills to audition effectively and successfully is therefore vital. This unit aims to develop the skills to participate effectively in the audition process — learners will develop the techniques, forms and accepted procedures of auditioning, together with the development of analytical and strategic thinking skills.

MUSPRA 307 Composing for Film and Documentary

In an increasingly media-intensive era, creating music for media applications (including film and documentary) has become a major industry. The aim of this unit is to develop the learner’s technical and creative knowledge and understanding as composers of music in the genres of film and documentary. The purpose of the unit is to provide learners with the opportunity to develop skills in composing for film and documentary and gain a deep understanding of the musical requirements within each specific media context.

Extracurricular Activities

At Cardinal Heenan we offer a range of different extra curricula opportunities including; Guitar Club, School Production Band, KS3 & KS4 Rock Band, Swing Band, Music Technology Club and School Choir. The clubs run for approximately 1 hour after school and a timetable will be available from the beginning of the academic year.

Useful Websites – BandLab is an online digital audio workstation that your son will be able to log in to and access work that they have produced in school. To log on, simply use your school email address and password. Once you have logged in, click on your class to access you work. This can be used as a music production tool and a space for your son to be creative. - Practice Pal is the platform that Cardinal Heenan uses to schedule and track peripatetic music lessons. If your son has instrument lessons in school they will be automatically registered. You will then have the option to sign up as a parent via the email link, this will allow you to view when your sons instrumental lesson is and view their lesson notes.