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Numeracy @ Cardinal Heenan

Numeracy across the Curriculum

Cardinal Heenan continues to drive forward with monitoring and implementation of numeracy across the curriculum. A subject audit was initially carried out across all subjects detailing where elements of numeracy interlinked with each specific subject. This was also highlighted in the each subject’s scheme of work. This allows the identification and monitoring of agreed strategies of mathematic teaching to ensure a consistent approach is adopted across whole school.

Instances of pupils using numeracy skills in subjects other than mathematics are praised and rewarded with positive points via classcharts. Pupils identify the positive reward and encourages them to practice and apply their numeracy skills in other subjects apart from mathematics.  

“Liverpool Counts Days” where introduced to Cardinal Heenan in 2017 and to this day they are still a success. Liverpool Counts Days take place five times a year. They provide pupils with the opportunity of completing fun numeracy based activities in each of their lessons for the day. Puzzles and activities are selected/designed and evaluated by our very own Numeracy Committee and each teacher incorporates them into their lessons. This allows pupils to use their problem solving, logic and number skills in each lesson of that day. It also allows pupils to witness other teachers promote a positive attitude towards numeracy.

Liverpool Counts Quality Mark

In July 2019, Cardinal Heenan achieved the gold status of the “Liverpool Counts Quality Mark”. During the assessment day Dave Carden (Liverpool Learning Partnership) assessed all the evidence that was submitted from the numeracy champion and spoke to a variety of pupils and staff from the school community. Ben C, Adam H, Roman B, Charlie J and Josh N, (members of the Numeracy Committee) spoke with confidence and enthusiasm to the assessor as well as Ben and Roman taking the lead on a learning walk around the school highlighting the essence of the quality mark in the school environment.

Some of comments made in the report by the assessor were as follows:

  • “The work of the Maths Champion was key in driving forward many of the QM criteria with consistency and enthusiasm. The co-ordinator had regularly kept the key figures informed of the progress of the QM and their responsibilities in supporting her and the Numeracy Committee.”
  • “The ethos of the LCQM was firmly embedded in the school and aspects of Key Theme 6 (family and community involvement) were being further developed in order to strengthen links with the local community.”
  • “The introduction and monitoring of the work of the Numeracy Links in other departments had provided a strong platform for supporting the work of the Maths Champion and the Numeracy Committee”
  • “The LCQM had strengthened and developed problem solving skills. It had also provided direction for more challenging and engaging maths tasks within a fun environment.”
  • “The Teacher Governor was kept well informed of the progress of the LCQM. The Governing Body also benefited from having a governor with the key role of liaising with the Maths Department and feeding back to the GB.”
  • “This group talked confidently and enthusiastically about the impact the LCQM was having on many aspects of teaching and learning and the evidence given supported and strengthened those criteria which moved the original Silver Award towards Gold.”

A huge congratulations to team numeracy.

Help your son enjoy mathematics / numeracy

We often get asked as teachers, “How can I help my son enjoy mathematics/numeracy?”

Our most valuable tip is to be positive about the subject, try not to say things like "I can't do maths" or "I hated maths at school" - your child may start to think like that themselves. Point out the maths in everyday life. Include your child in activities involving numbers and measuring, such as shopping, cooking and travelling. Praise your child for the effort, rather than being clever. This shows them that by working hard, they can always improve (National Numeracy). Take a look at the Family Maths toolkit for advice for families.

If any parents/carers are looking to boost their confidence or refresh your numeracy/mathematical skills, there are  courses available from Liverpool Adult learning Service (ALS) and Knowsley Community College (KCC). 

We have a designated “Numeracy Essentials Guide for Teachers and Parents” detailing methods we use. An electronic copy is available here and paper copies are available in reception. 

We run a variety of extra-curricular clubs to improve or develop your sons numeracy skills, including the chance for your son to be a member of the school wide Numeracy Committee, chance to attend the “Classic Games club” and selected students are chosen to attend “Aim Higher” club. Past years have also incorporated the chance of competing in the UKMT competitions, where we have achieved significant success’.  We are looking forward for the Classic Games Club and Aim Higher club to recommence next year.

What we offer our pupils?

At Cardinal Heenan the chances for numeracy opportunities does not stop in the maths lesson for your son. We have a vast amount of celebration days, workshops, guest speakers, visits and fundraising opportunities calendar wide. 

Liverpool Counts Days

Liverpool Counts Days still prove to be a huge success. September’s Liverpool Counts Day centered on the historical figures that have had an impact on the field of mathematics. This also included how the mathematicians’ have impacted on other areas of our curriculum.

  • Katherine Johnson - Physics
  • Leonardo Da Vinci - Art and design technology
  • Florence Nightingale – History, RE, English literature, geography, health and social care
  • Alan Turing – Computer Science and history
  • Srinivasa Ramanujan – Explicit links to pi and trigonometry in mathematics.

We included a recommendation of a relevant and educational film and encouraged pupils and their families to watch over the weekend, looking at the lives of these extraordinary people. The films included “Hidden Figures”, “The Imitation Game” and “The Man who knew Infinity”.

The numeracy coordinator stated; “It was lovely to see our year 7 students get excited and talk about the activities from previous lessons when they met with me, they had never experienced a Liverpool Counts Day before. Also this year it was a really nice way to get families of our pupils involved too. There was certainly a buzz around the school that day! We continue to look forward to many more Liverpool Counts Days.”

NSPCC Number Day 2021

Cardinal Heenan took part in its fifth successive NSPCC Number Day on Friday 7th May. This was the NSPCC’s 21st birthday of the numeracy filled day. The numeracy committee ran lots of fun ‘mathstastic’ activities including:

  • How many sweets were in the jar? Winner Joshua H (7WPA). It went to a gripping tie break guess between Joshua and Frankie F (8E1), both boys had estimated 500. The actual number was 504.
  • How long is a piece of string? Winner Jamie R (7EAK) was by far the closest with 955cm, the actual measurement was 947cm;
  • Form Time Grid winner Tom W (7WOL) with the lucky number 23.

Prizes where donated from Dominoes West Derby for Joshua and Jamie and our PTA funded the Liverpool One vouchers for the other prize winners, including Frankie, we could not leave him out. A huge thank you to Dominos West Derby and our PTA.

As well as the activities going on outside of the classroom, all lessons started with a short numeracy related activity which were indeed a good way to start the lesson off.

A special thanks to the form groups; 10ENB and 7ELT, who raised £30.50 and £30.00 respectively from their Form Time Grid and additional donations. 10ENB where rewarded with a delicious cooked breakfast organised by our catering team.

Overall, we managed to raise £358.20 for this wonderful charity. This was the highest amount we have ever raised for NSPCC number day and was a lovely reminder that even with COVID restrictions in place, our staff and boys still come together for a wonderful cause.



Pi Day 2021

For the last four years Cardinal Heenan have celebrated “Pi Day” in conjunction with the school’s Liverpool Counts Day.  Just because it was on a Sunday this year did not mean we were going to miss this opportunity. Unfortunately we could not go ahead with our usual favourite of “Pi a Teacher”, due to restrictions in place, however I am sure the boys will be already looking forward to next years event.

The aim of the day is for students across KS 3 and KS 4 to gain a deeper understanding into the concept of pi. As a maths department we believe the better the understanding through enjoyment, the more likely it will be retained.

We used;

  • Where do we see Pi?  The infinite life of Pi
  • A short video "Pi explained with pi" “Pi explained with Pie” 
  • A substitution activity using pi with a value of 3
  • Combining literacy and numeracy with extracts from books, “Sir Cumference and the dragon of Pi” by C. Neuschwander
  • The History of Pi and how it has increased in accuracy over the millennia
  • Pi day dingbats and jokes.

Dragons Den 2020

Cardinal Heenan have been finalists in Liverpool’s Learning Partnership’s competition “Dragons Den” for the last two years. This year we were required to create a game to support maths on the playground or in the park.

A YouTube style video submission was required to be uploaded with the idea. A big thank you to Nathan G and Ben C (not to forget, Mr Egan for his dazzling editing skills and YouTube experience), after submitting this we were informed that we had been shortlisted and got through to the final. The final has presently been postponed, but we look forward to presenting our proposal in front of the Dragons as soon as we get chance in the LACE centre. Please check out and “like” our video.


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