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Reports on DC Pro

The school periodically uploads reports on pupil progress, showing where gaps in subject knowledge are and 'next steps' on how those gaps can be filled (to supplement what we do in school to fill gaps).

The reports are uploaded to DC Pro, our 'knowledge tracker' tool.  All parents have received a login code for initial access.  Once a parent has created an account and accessed reports, they can simply log in again using the credentials they set to see further reports as they are uploaded.  Reports are uploaded once per term at least.

If you have an issue in accessing reports, please email for help.

Below you can find a list of FAQs, a video on how to access reports for the first time, and a guide.


  • I've logged in previously.  Do I need another access code to see new reports?
    You don’t need to use the access code again if you have accessed previously.  You need to log in on the app or web browser using the username (which is the email you inputted) and password you set at that time.  If you cannot remember the password, you can click on ‘Reset password’ to receive an email to perform the reset.
  • I've logged in previously, but this time it says I'm a new user.  What do I do?
    You need to know how you logged in previously.  You may have typed in an email address, or you may have clicked the Google, Microsoft or Apple button to log in using that type of account.  Please ensure you always use the same credentials each time you log in.
  • The report is the same as previously.  Is this a mistake?
    We’ve had an issue with the new report in that it has overwritten the older report in the app and online.  That is why they are both the same – they are, in fact, both the updated reported.  We are working to address this and shouldn’t be an issue going forward.
  • I'm using the app on my mobile phone and I can see the reports, but I can't download them
    In this situation, it may be best that you access using a PC or laptop (if available) - the pdfs will open more easily this way.  To do this, you'd log in to the website at and use the same log in details as you use for the app.
  • When I read a report on my mobile phone, why is it just a jumble of weird text?
    We’ve had this in some cases specifically where reports are being viewed on mobile devices.  In this situation it is best that reports are accessed on a PC or laptop by visiting  The login credentials would be the same as for the app.

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