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School Closure Information


Is the school open?

The school is open to students with parents/carers who are key workers, and those who are vulnerable, from 09:30 on Monday 1st June.

Parents and carers must complete the online form available here before this date.  Students must not arrive at school before 09:25, must avoid public transport where possible, and if travelling by car, must be dropped off away from the vicinity of Honeys Green Lane.

The most recent letters that have been sent home can be found here.

How do I apply for Free School Meal vouchers?

Information is available below regarding applications in Liverpool and Knowsley.  If you need any further support, including help on how to complete the application, please email Jason Asquith (our school Business Manager) at

Liverpool -
Knowsley -

Do we have the correct contact details for you?

If you are not sure whether the school has all of the most up-to-date contact information, please complete this form

Letters sent home to parents

Letters that have been sent home to parents (by email and/or by post) are available here

What is happening about GCSE and A-Level exams and grades?

The latest information published by the DfE is available here, as well as a letter to GCSE and A-Level students published here.

It is important that students in Year 11 and 13 keep studying.  It is clear there will be resit opportunities for students where they are not happy with a grade that has been awarded.

Ofqual have also published the following video for students explaining how grading will work for 2020.


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My son/daughter is hoping to join the Sixth Form in September.  What does he/she need to do?

The school has set project work for current Year 11 students for each subject in the Sixth Form.  Students should complete the project work for those subjects they are hoping to study.  It's completion will be an important deciding factor as to whether particular courses are suitable for students. 

This work is available on Class Charts - if it is a subject that is not normally studied in Year 11 (for example, Psychology, Criminology, etc) the work has been made available as part of the English subject work.  Students that are not currently at Cardinal Heenan can access the projects (all subjects in a zip folder) by clicking here.

Cardinal Heenan students must email project work to either their class teacher for the subject or Ms McCabe (  Students from other schools can submit work to the same email address.  The deadline for all project work to be completed is yet to be decided, though it is likely to be some time in July.

If you need to contact someone about a subject...

The following staff (Leadership Links to Subjects) are to be main points of contact where parents have a query or issue regarding work being set for completion at home.  Where necessary, queries will be passed on to Heads of Subject and/or Classroom Teachers for response.

Staff Role Leadership Link Subjects Email
Ms K Smyth Headteacher RE
Health and Social Care
Ms Jo Leech Deputy Headteacher History
Travel & Tourism
Mr Andrew Edwards Deputy Headteacher Science
Ms Emma Holley Assistant Headteacher Spanish
Mr James Sanderson Assistant Headteacher Music
Mr Nick Kimberley Assistant Headteacher Art
Food and Nutrition
Ms Colette Roche Assistant Headteacher Maths
Ms Chris Wright Head of English English
Miss Caroline Kewley Assistant Headteacher Business
Computer Science/ICT
Miss Lindsay Johnson Assistant Headteacher PE

What work should my son be completing?

All work is set on ClassCharts by teachers.  It is important that the work is viewed by 'Issue Date' (not 'Due Date') so you can see the order of the work that has been set.  Some forms of completed  work can be submitted for feedback.  Other pieces of work can be marked by students using mark schemes on ClassCharts, whilst other work is marked automatically online.

The priority work that students should be completing is that set by the school, which in some cases is set by year group but has all been quality assured as important, valid and appropriate.  Other resources, like for example Oak National Academy, BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons, etc can be used to further supplement work our staff has set.

All Year 12 students are expected to attend online lessons in MS Teams.  The timetable for when these lessons take place is available here.

If you need to contact a member of our pastoral staff...

For any pastoral concerns please use the contact details for the relevant Key Stage Coordinator in the table below.  Queries and requests will be communicated to the Head of Year where necessary

For any safeguarding concerns, please contact the Safeguarding Lead (Ms Leech).  If you need to speak to someone urgently, please telephone Christine Kirkham on 07921 820348

Staff Role Key Stage Email
Ms Emma Holley Assistant Headteacher Key Stage 3 (Years 7-8)
Mr James Sanderson Assistant Headteacher Key Stage 4 (Years 9-11)
Mr Nick Kimberley Assistant Headteacher Key Stage 5 (Sixth Form)
Ms Jo Leech Safeguarding Lead All

If you have an issue logging into or accessing something...

As we have various online tools in use to aid students' learning, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to request usernames and/or password resets during times which students are working from home.

All school work set for students is posted to ClassCharts.  All students and parents have a login.  It is vital that students are accessing ClassCharts and completing all work that has been set

A parents guide to ClassCharts is available for download here.

Parents are encouraged to contact Mr Jones, the school network manager ( for help with logging into or accessing any of our learning or communication tools such as ParentMail, student email, ClassCharts, etc

My son has borrowed a school laptop but he cannot log onto it

All students need to use the same username and password to access the laptop.  Students must NOT enter the regular username and password they use in school - this will not work.  They should be using;

  • Username: .\chstudent (dot backslash chstudent)
  • Password: Password1 (capital P)

Students will not be able to access 'VMWare Horizon Client' on the desktop of the laptop for security reasons.

We don't have a printer at home. Can we get paper copies of work?

Students DO NOT have to work on printed/photocopied handouts.  So long as they can see work on a screen, they can write on paper or in exercise books available at home.  Teachers will continue to set work on ClassCharts during the whole time the school is closed.

Student email accounts and Office 365

All students now have a school email account.  This allows students to with teachers and seek further advice where appropriate.  Instructions as to how they can access this, as well as the suite of MS Office online tools, can be found in the guide you can download here.

What is the latest information and advice?

NHS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advice
UK Government Website: Coronavirus (COVID-19)​​​

Liverpool City Council Coronavirus Updates