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School Uniform

We firmly believe in the value and importance of school uniform and we assume that parents/guardians wishing to send their son to Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School will support this by ensuring their son attends his lessons each day in the correct attire and with the necessary equipment for successful studies.

Price lists and information on where to buy uniform is available at the bottom of this page.


Black Blazer with School Badge

Plain White Shirt

Black Sweater with School Badge

School Tie

Black Trousers of Normal School Type (Dark Jeans are not Permitted)

Sensible Black School Shoes (Trainers or Kicker style shoes must not be worn. Please see images below)

School Coat (available from school office)

Compulsory PE Kit

School Football Shirt

School Football Shorts

School Football Socks

House T-Shirt

A Pair of Training Shoes and Football Boots are Essential Items as well

Please note that the PE kit for Year 7 is now only available from Lisa's Schoolwear and West Derby School Wear (see details below). It has been designed for us by Puma and is in the school colours of black, red and yellow.


The following are our preferred uniform suppliers:

Lisa's Schoolwear - 275 East Prescot Road, Knotty Ash, 0151 259 8277
West Derby School Wear - 139 – 241 Eaton Road, West Derby

We would encourage parents to use these outlets as they are established companies who provide good quality and hard-wearing items.

We would strongly recommend that all items of your son's clothing are marked with his name.

Baseball caps and jewellery are not a part of our school uniform and are not to be worn to school. Extreme haircuts are also forbidden.

Necessary Equipment

If your son is to gain the maximum benefit from his time with us, it is his responsibility to come to school properly equipped to learn.

  • Stationery – a pen (plus a spare), pencil and ruler.
  • A basic mathematics set
  • A simple scientific calculator
  • A USB pen
  • A dictionary for use in English lessons.

Items such as iPods, iPads, games consoles and mobile phones are not to be brought to school. The school cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to such items.

Sixth Form Uniform


Sixth Form students are expected to follow our dress code - white shirt or blouse, black tie, black or dark grey jumper or cardigan (optional), black trousers or skirt, and dark leather shoes (not trainers).  Sixth formers are also required to wear our branded sports kit during practical lessons and other programmes in the community.

We do not expect students to attend school in dark jeans, trainers or baseball caps. 

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