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Sixth Form Scholarship

The Cardinal Heenan Sixth Form Scholarship was launched this academic year to reward pupils who demonstrate excellence in their GCSE results in Year 11, and in their progress in Year 12. Pupils can be awarded Bronze, Silver or Gold Scholarships with a monetary reward of up to £1,500 to support their future learning. The funding for the scholarships has kindly been provided by our alumni Tracy and Andrew Gossage who have mentored our sixth form students and continually supported our school.

As the school is very close to our hearts and has played a critical part in everything that we have achieved, we are delighted to support the Cardinal Heenan scholarship programme. We believe that recognising and rewarding strong academic performance is key to motivating further attainment across the entire student group. We would like to congratulate the recipients of this award for all their hard work and wish them and all students at Cardinal Heenan the very best in their future studies. - Tracy and Andrew Gossage


3 levels of scholarship are available based on average GCSE grades:

  • Bronze = 6+ (up to £500)
  • Silver = 7+ (up to £1000)
  • Gold = 8+ (up to £1500)

Awarded at the end of a successful Y12 to students who:

1. Have lesson attendance above 97%

2. Final Y12 report must reflect sustained high levels of Attitude to Learning and Deadlines

3. Registration onto a Social Mobility programme

4. Have gained and completed a meaningful work experience placement

Award Recipients: 

Nineteen Year 13 students received bronze, silver or gold scholarships for the year 2023-24. Congratulations to both Finn and Paul, who both received gold scholarships this year.

Paul, who is overjoyed but still in shock, told us he’d like to have a good think and plan how best to spend the money to support his learning. However, he knows the funding will provide him with invaluable opportunities for his future career.

Finn is thrilled to receive the award. Having recently applied to study Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge, he knows that this scholarship will help him with travel costs to visit the university, course materials and financial support during his time at university.